Thursday, December 16, 2010



How could JFK's back & throat wound link up if he was shot  5 1/2 inches below the collar in the back, if that shot was fired downward from the 6th floor corner window of the TSBD?

The Warren Report (1964) said that JFK was 1st struck by a bullet that "entered at the back of his neck and exited through the lower front portion of his neck, causing a wound which would not necessarily have been lethal."

The Report published the following diagram to illustrate their "findings".

               Warren Commission Exhibit

Was the entrance wound in the back of the neck?


Thus, both the Commission's description & sketch (above) are false. 

The diagram shows the wound "at the back of the neck" not where it really was (in the upper back). 


Let's discuss briefly how we know the bullet entrance wound was in the upper back 5 1/2" below the collar. 

First, JFK's coat & shirt have holes at this position.*

*The fibers of both show the bullet entered the outside of the fabric thus proving this shot was fired from the rear.

Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, who ran to JFK's car on Elm Street, testified before the Warren Commission:

Following is a question that he was asked about this wound & his response:

BOGGS. "Did you see any other wound other than the head wound?" 

Mr. HILL. "Yes, sir; I saw an opening in the back, about 6 inches below the neckline to the right-hand side of the spinal column."
The autopsy conducted by surgeons at the Bethesda Naval Hospital showed that JFK was shot in the back at the level of the "third thoracic vertebrae".  

The autopsy report diagram (below), also published in the Warren Report, shows the location of this wound as being in the upper back, not the neck.

                  Warren Commission Exhibit

It is obvious the Commission ignored the evidence provided by FBI exhibits, Clint Hill's testimony & the official autopsy report & instead created their own evidence.  


Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission & later US President, admitted before his death he changed the location of this wound in the report. 

The Commission staff reported the results of the FBI investigation which showed "a bullet...entered (JFK's) back at a point slightly above the shoulder."  

Gerald Ford suggested the wording be changed to "a bullet...entered the back of (JFK's) neck at a point slightly to the right of the spine."  


JFK was admitted to Parkland Hospital with a wound in the throat.  All the doctors who saw this wound believed it to be a wound of ENTRY.   

If this was indeed a wound of entry, a single shooter firing from the Depository could NOT have fired it. 

The Warren Commission wanted to convince us that there was only one assassin, so they turned this "entry" wound into an "exit".

So the Commission created what is called "The Single Bullet Theory".  

They concluded that a SINGLE bullet entered the back of JFK's neck exited the throat just above the Adam's Apple &  proceeded to cause ALL the wounds suffered by Governor Connally. 


The evidence is clear, JFK's back wound & throat wound DO NOT link up.  

That is, a bullet fired from the 6th floor of the TSBD fired downward & entering JFK's back 5 to 6 inches below the collar could NOT then go UPWARD to exit from the front of the throat.  

(Note:  Autopsy surgeons attempted to "probe" the back wound but could not find a pathway more than 1 inch into JFK's back.)



  2. The bullet hole through the limo windshield never mentioned may have caused the front of neck wound. And my opinion of the Zapruder's Film Governer Connally was hit by 2 seperate shots, you can see his reaction of being hit twice. and when you see the 2 secret service agents seated in the limo's front seat also shows their reaction ducking from flying glass in their faces, agent Roy Kellerman seated front passenger seat wipes his face because of the glass, so the shot came from in front and to the left of limo. what i say is easily seen in the Zapruder Film.