Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On the flight back to Washington, LBJ calls JFK’s mother, Rose.  He says:

“Mrs. Kennedy, I wish to God there was something I could do.”

LBJ also calls Nellie Connally at Parkland Hospital & learns that her husband, John, will survive.

Jacqueline Kennedy stays in the rear of the plane sitting beside her husband's casket.

Air Force One is scheduled to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, D.C. at 6 p.m. (EST).

Back in Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald takes a cab to his “Oak Cliff” rooming house at 1026 North Beckley Avenue where he arrives about 1:00 p.m. (CST). 

As Oswald enters the rooming house, his housekeeper says:  "Somebody shot the President".  

He says nothing and goes into his room where he gets a jacket & a pistol.

Oswald's housekeeper in his Beckley apartment

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