Sunday, January 23, 2011



The Navy ambulance arrives at the United States Navy Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland after a 45 minute drive.  

The Kennedy family & staff go to a suite on the 17th floor while the President's body will undergo autopsy on the 1st.

                    U.S. Naval Medical Center 
                          Bethesda, Maryland
                   Photo by John White (2007)

At 2:45 a.m. EST, Saturday, November 23, 1963, Agent Clint Hill is called down from his post outside the Presidential suite to go to the 1st floor autopsy room.

            Naval Medical Center Entrance
                        Bethesda, Maryland
                 Photo by John White (2007)

It had been decided that Mr. Hill should see the body after autopsy just in case Mrs. Kennedy had any questions.

"A man in a white coat pulled the sheet down and Clint saw the wound in the throat.   More hands....turned (JFK) to the side so Clint could view the back.

Six inches down from the neckline, just to the right of the spinal column, there was a small wound.  All Clint could see was that the right rear portion of (JFK's) head was completely gone."*

*from The Kennedy Detail, by Gerald Blaine (2010) 

                                      Seal of NNMC
                             Bethesda, Maryland
                     Photo by John White (2007)

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