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Why did the Warren Commission fail to call Bill Newman, the closest witness to JFK at the time of the head shot, to testify?

We have discussed how the Warren Commission included evidence in their report which supported the conclusion of  a single assassin even if they had to create that evidence.

The Commission was also "selective" in who they called to testify.  

One of the closest eyewitnesses to JFK being shot in the head was Bill Newman who was standing on the sidewalk with his wife Gayle & their children along Elm Street.

Bill Newman was on the Grassy Knoll side of Elm (JFK's side of the car).  

As the car approached, he saw JFK react to the first shot to hit him.  He saw the President's hands come up to his throat.  He saw the fatal head shot occur right in front of him.  

After the assassination, Newman & his family were taken to a television studio in Dallas where they were interviewed "live" on camera.  

This is on video tape.

Bill was asked to tell what he saw. 

Mr. Newman said that he saw the President hit "in the temple" & pointed to his right temple.

When he was asked from where the shots originated, he said "behind us".  

They were standing along the curb, the Texas School Book Depository was to their left, the "Grassy Knoll" was directly behind where they were standing.

One would assume if you want to get at the truth in the matter of something as important as a murder, you would want to hear from EVERY eyewitness, not just a "select" few.


The Warren Commission did not want to hear what Bill Newman had to say because they had already heard it & his testimony would have contradicted their preconceived conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the "lone assassin" of President Kennedy firing from behind. 

There is no way they could permit such an important eyewitness giving testimony on the record that the fatal shot entered JFK's right
temple from the front.

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