Tuesday, December 14, 2010


         Motorcade on Main Street Dallas, Texas
                     November 22, 1963
                     Photo by Walt Cisco
                  Dallas Morning News
               Baylor Collections, Waco

I have studied the JFK assassination since I was 15. I have read most books on this subject over the past 47 years. They include "conspiracy" & "lone gunman"arguments.

My interest in the assassination began with my interest in JFK. He became my hero when he became President in 1961. 

That feeling has only intensified with his death and has survived going on a half century. 

When I presented lessons to my history classes, I told students to look at all the evidence & come to their own conclusions.

I told them to question everything.

If you believe Oswald was the "lone assassin" as the Warren Report concluded in 1964, I ask you to keep an open mind as you read my blog.

Do we really know everything & is everything we know accurate?

We begin tomorrow answering

         "Ten Questions to Ponder."

Thank you for visiting my JFK ASSASSINATION blog.

John White

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