Friday, January 7, 2011



After JFK's car disappeared through the railroad overpass, many witnesses in the plaza ran up the "Grassy Knoll".

S.M. "Skinny" Holland, a railroad supervisor, standing on the overpass sees smoke coming from under the trees at the top of the knoll.

Bill & Gayle Newman standing on the sidewalk on JFK's side of the car are the closest witnesses to the head shot.  

Bill says JFK was shot in the temple & that the shots came from behind him (at the top of the knoll).

Note:  Mr. Holland gives his testimony later before the Warren Commission. The Newmans tell their story on a local TV station but are not called by the Warren Commission.

Howard Brennan, sitting on a concrete wall across from the Texas School Book Depository, sees a shooter in the 6th floor corner window.

Brennan says:

"I saw a man in the 2nd row of windows from the top. He took aim with a high powered rifle.  I could see the barrel.  He was white, in his early 30s, slender, weighing 165 to 175 pounds."



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