Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Dallas police learn that Lee Harvey Oswald is a member of a pro-Castro group known as "The Fair Play for Cuba Committee" which advocates restoration of trade between the US & Cuba.

They also learn that while passing out pro-Cuba leaflets in New Orleans on August 9, 1963, Oswald was involved in an altercation which led to his arrest.

They learn that he went to work as an order-filler at the Texas School Book Depository on October 15, 1963. 

              Texas School Book Depository
                                Dallas, Texas
            Photo by Jeanne boleyn (2006)

Oswald is given a "paraffin" test which the Dallas police believe will show whether or not he has fired a gun recently. 

The test results are negative on his cheeks & positive on his hands.*

While the police crime lab finds Oswald's finger & hand prints on some of the boxes in the "sniper's nest", they find none on the rifle.

*Based only on the results of this test, Oswald might have shot Tippit with a revolver but not JFK with a rifle.

              Warren Commission Exhibit 141
                      National Archives Image

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