Sunday, November 20, 2011


November 20, 2011

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL TO AIR "JFK: THE LOST BULLET" TONIGHT AT 9 P.M. announced on November 18 that the National Geographic Channel will air tonight a program titled "JFK: The Lost Bullet".

     "Commission Exhibit-399"
       National Archives Photo*

The announcement, contributed by James Rosen, says that "a team of historians & retired Secret Service officers...have used new techniques on old evidence to solidify the judgment that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone" in assassinating JFK.

Rosen says that digital technology has been applied to several home movies taken on November 22, 1963 including the famous Zapruder film.

Max Holland, the leader of the team of historians, says:

"I'd say the main thrust of (the program) is to break the stranglehold that the Zapruder film has on our perception of what happened."

Holland also adds that it is "our conclusion that (Oswald) fired 3 shots in about 11 seconds, which is almost double...the 6 seconds (previously thought)."*

*This is not new because Holland published an article in 2007 which made this argument.


I want to thank my cousin Jim White for sending me the link to this FoxNews article.  I look forward to watching this program which comes on in about 35 minutes.  While I do not expect to be swayed by this "new evidence", as I believe there were at least 2 shooters involved & one of them may not have even been Oswald, I will give it a look.

We will report on the program in our next posting.  Please check back then.


John White
Knoxville, Tennessee
November 20, 2011

*Update:  Excellent program....beautiful HD restorations of original films taken on Nov 22 63.  Interesting argument that the "lost bullet", the 1st bullet fired but missed JFK's car might have been fired sooner than previously thought giving a single shooter in the 6th floor window of the TSBD more than 11 seconds to fire 3 shots.  There are many ideas I will discuss about the program on my next posting...I do have some issues with the documentary's discussion about the 2nd & 3rd shots.  Please check back.