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December 5, 2011


In today' post, JFK ASSASSINATION will review the testimony of Abraham Zapruder before the Warren Commission relating to the first shot to hit JFK.

The source of this information is "Whitewash--the report on the Warren Report" by Harold Weisberg (1965).

Mr. Weisberg had been a newspaper & magazine writer, a Senate investigator & an intelligence & political analyst before writing this his first book.

He collected more than 250,000 government papers on the JFK assassination.

*Mr. Weisberg would go on to write more books in the Whitewash series.  His 1st sold 300,000 copies.  Born in 1914, Weisberg died in 2002.

                             Harold Weisberg

Weisberg says that since the Zapruder film "may have been the best single piece of evidence of the crime" it is difficult to understand why the Warren Commission waited until toward the end of the hearings to call Mr. Zapruder as a witness.

Weisberg says:

"The Commission's entire case is predicated upon the assumption that the first shot (to hit JFK) could not have been fired prior to Frame 210."*

*This is because that is the 1st opportunity a shooter in the 6th floor corner window of the Texas School Book Depository would have had for a clear shot at JFK.

In his testimony before the commission, Zapruder said:

"I was shooting through a telephoto lens & as the President reached (this point) I heard the 1st shot & I saw (him) lean over & grab himself."

Weisberg verifies that Zapruder, thus, saw the 1st shot hit JFK & was able to describe the President's reaction to that shot.

In Mr. Weisberg's view, this proves that the 1st shot to hit JFK was fired before Frame 210 & therefore at a time when a single shooter in the 6th floor SE corner window of the TSBD would not have had a "clear shot" at JFK.*

*Mr Z's view of JFK, through his camera's telephoto lens, was blocked by a highway sign.  When JFK becomes out from behind the sign, viewers of the Zapruder film can see that he is clearly reacting to having been hit.

Zapruder's Bell & Howell Movie Camera
   FBI Exhibt, National Archives Image

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