Sunday, March 4, 2012

WHITEWASH-the report on the Warren Report: THE ASSASSIN

March 4, 2012

WHITEWASH-the report on the Warren Report by Harold Weisberg, Chapter 2: The Assassin

Knoxville, Tennessee (JFKASSASSINATION) Today this blog reports on Chapter 2 of Harold Weisberg's book "Whitewash--the report on the Warren Report", published in 1965.

The title of Chapter 2 is The Assassin.

Mr. Weisberg begins this chapter by writing:

"The most fundamental decision" of the Warren Commission was to determine "the scope of its inquiry."

Weisberg says that the Executive Order creating the Commission gave it "extensive broad authority" but it also required it to examine the evidence provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation & make a report.*

*The FBI conducted 25,000 interviews & submitted over 2300 reports.

Mr. Weisberg asks this question:

"Did the Commission consider that anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald could have been the assassin?"

He concludes that there is nothing in the Warren Report , "or anywhere else," to suggest any answer but NO.

Weisberg admits, however, that both the FBI & Dallas Police concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin.

It was Mr. Weisberg's view, then, that the purpose of the Warren Commission was simply "to validate (that) conclusion."

And looking into the future, he predicts that "historians...who might want to consider (the involvement of others) will find little to help them in the Commission's 27 volumes."

The Report can only be analyzed, according to Mr. Weisberg, in the context of the Commission's "single-minded devotion to proving Oswald was the lone assassin."

Further, the Report itself purposefully "portrayed Oswald as the sort of person from the murk of whose mind such evils could emerge."

Most of the remainer of Chapter 2 is a biographical account of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, but Mr. Weisberg begs to differ with the Commission's conclusion that the man was a "lone nut".

Weisberg writes that Oswald was, in fact, "a quiet person....who read...history & biography & (was) above all....devoted to his family."

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