Monday, May 7, 2012


May 7, 2012

WHITEWASH-the report on the Warren Report by Harold Weisberg, Chapter 5: At The Depository - The Tangible Evidence V

Knoxville, Tennessee (JFKASSASSINATION) Today this blog concludes our report on Chapter 5 of Harold Weisberg's book "Whitewash--the report on the Warren Report", published in 1965. 

The title of Chapter 5 is At The Depository -- The Tangible Evidence

Harold Weisberg says the work of the Warren Commission was "incredibly sloppy" in the failure to interrogate Abraham Zapruder, the man who took the 8mm home movie film of the assassination, properly.

He cites, for example, the change in the film from clear to fuzzy at Frame 190.  Weisberg writes that this change can only be by movement of the camera, but no questions were forthcoming to Zapruder about why.

Nor, Mr. Weisberg continues, was Mr. Zapruder asked anything technical about his camera or lens.

Another photographer, James W. Altgens, Weisberg points out, was also not called before the Commission until 8 months after the investigation began.

Without going into the detail that is in the book, Mr. Weisberg makes it clear that the Commission really wasn't interested in the evidence these witnesses had to offer.

He writes:

"The solid proof in the record that supported Oswald's denial of guilt had to be kept from the Report.  It was.  The indescribably incompetent performance of the police....had to be shielded from public scrutiny.  It was.  The report had even to represent the Commission's own time reconstructions, which showed that Oswald could not have done what it attributed to him.  The Report does just that."

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