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June 1, 2012

WHITEWASH-the report on the Warren Report by Harold Weisberg, Chapter 6: The Tippit Murder III

Knoxville, Tennessee (JFKASSASSINATION) Today this blog continues our report on Chapter 6 of Harold Weisberg's book "Whitewash--the report on the Warren Report", published in 1965. 

The title of Chapter 6 is The Tippit Murder.

Harold Weisberg labels this section of Chapter 6 as "Poor Dumb Cop".

Mr. Weisberg criticizes the Warren Commission's assumption that Officer J. D. Tippit heard the description of the suspect over his police radio & stopped Lee Oswald because he matched that description.

Weisberg writes:

"The Commission represents power & authority.  Its conclusions have been more widely reported & believed than those of any document in history."

He classifies the Commission's conclusion as to why Tippit stopped Oswald as an "unsubstantiated hypothesis."

Mr. Weisberg points out that if Tippit suspected Oswald of being the assassin, he would not have casually got out of his car & walked around toward the front & certainly would have drawn his gun beforehand.

Another thing that Weisberg says is that while the Commission has Oswald being a speed walker to get from his rooming house to 10th & Patton Streets in the allotted time, it took him "almost half an hour to traverse that 5 block distance (from 10th & Patton to the Texas Theater).

And as to the discrepancy in the eyewitness testimony regarding the number of shell casing dropped by Tippit's killer, Weisberg writes:

"Inconsistent witnesses are the rule rather than the exception in the Tippit killing."

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