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November 21, 1963


San Antonio, Texas  (JFK+50) President & Mrs. John F. Kennedy visited San Antonio today on the 1st stop of their 5 city tour in the state of Texas.

                   JFK & Ms. Kennedy 
  San Antonio International Airport
                  San Antonio, Texas
                   November 21, 1963
          Photo by Cecil Stoughton
                 JFK Library Image

After a motorcade* through the city, the President spoke at the dedication of the United States Air Force Aerospace Medical Division at Brooks Air Force Base.

JFK concluded his remarks with these words:

"This Nation has tossed its cap over the wall of space & we have no choice but to follow it.  Whatever the difficulties, they will be overcome.  Whatever the hazards, they must be guarded against.  

With the vital help of this Aerospace Medical Center  & with the support of all Americans, we will climb this wall with safety & with speed--

And then we shall explore the wonders on the other side."

*During the motorcade, a photograph was taken by Joseph Elicson as JFK's limo passed in front of the Beneficial Finance & Thrift Company.  JFK is sitting in his customary spot in the right rear with Ms. Kennedy on his left.  Nellie Connally, the wife of the Governor of Texas, is sitting in the jump seat directly in front of JFK with her husband to the left.  The following day in Dallas, the Connally's positions were reversed as the Governor was hit by gunfire along with JFK in Dealey Plaza.

The photograph can be seen at:


"Inside the Gates," Nov. 21, 1963: President Kennedy in San Antonio, Nov 30, 2009.

NOTE:  This posting is reprinted from JFK+50.

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