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According to a story in yesterday's USA TODAY, the new movie "Parkland"* will feature a recreation of the car in which President John F. Kennedy was riding when he was shot in Dallas, Texas 50 years ago this November.
*Parkland refers to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas where JFK and Governor John B. Connally were taken for medical care after being shot during their motorcade through the city.
The film is produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman for Playtone Productions.  It will focus on events leading up to the assassination as well as the people who were immediately impacted by the event.
Bryan Alexander quotes director Peter Landesman as saying...
"There's a whole movie to be made of us getting the Presidential limousine."
The original JFK car, dubbed SS100X by the United States Secret Service, is in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
If it had been available for use in the movie, the limo would not even come close to its original appearance.
President Lyndon B. Johnson had the vehicle complete redone after the assassination.  

The car was converted into a completely closed, bullet-proof limousine and the exterior color was changed from "Kennedy Blue" to the standard black.

     Henry Ford Museum
      Dearborn, Michigan
     Photo by Alvintrusty

Bryan Alexander writes that Landesman was looking "for as much authenticity as possible" in making this movie. 
Landesman shot scenes in Dealey Plaza and scenes in a hospital in Austin (no longer in operation) "which was a dead-ringer for Parkland Hospital."
But, according to Mr. Landesman, as far as the Presidential limousine...
"We had that made from scratch.  It was a kind of Lincoln that was never made before or since."
The director, Alexander tells us, "admits the car is not ready for close scrutiny,"  but, nonetheless, "it did just fine."
"Parkland" is scheduled to be featured at the TORONTO and VENICE international film festivals.

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