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The Babushka Lady and Aubrey Rike

July 14, 2013


Knoxville, Tennessee (JFKASSASSINATION) Today we continue our look at "Enemy of the Truth:  Myths, Forensics, & the Kennedy Assassination" by Sherry P. Fiester.


The book, published by JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, Inc. of Southlake, Texas,  includes a Foreward by Jim Marrs, & is available at &

Today we continue our look at Sherry Fiester's final chapter in "Enemy of the Truth" titled THE WITNESSES and discuss Beverly Oliver Massegee, a.k.a. "The Babushka Lady," and Aubrey Rike, who worked for the O'Neal Funeral Home and Ambulance Service in 1961.

Seventeen year old Beverly Oliver was one of the witnesses standing opposite the Grassy Knoll along Elm Street when JFK's car passed by at 12:30 p.m. November 22, 1963.

Sherry Fiester says that Beverly was "very close to the President when he was killed."

                  Bevery Oliver was standing
                in the grass on the South side
                      of Elm Street in Dallas
                         November 22, 1963

Sherry also tells us that Beverly was filming the motorcade from the South side of Elm with her new home movie camera.  Ironically, she worked at Jack Ruby's Carousel Cub.

The "Babushka Lady" terminology was applied to her when observers of the Zapruder film saw her wearing a scarf.  At that time her name was not known, so she simply became "the Babushka Lady."

Sherry met Beverly in 1997 at the JFK Lancer Annual International Conference on the Kennedy Assassination.

Beverly told Sherry that when she arrived at work Monday night following the assassination, she was confronted by two men who she thought were with the FBI.  They asked for her film and she gave it to them.

As to what she saw in Dealey Plaza, Beverly said...

"I don't know how many shots were fired, but I know one of them came from the picket fence area (on the Grassy Knoll).  There was someone there and smoke there.  I am convinced the man who shot the President was in that area."

Sherry writes that Beverly often sings "Amazing Grace" at the annual conference in Dallas.  Sherry adds...

"Her  powerful voice rings out over Dealey Plaza with clarity of emotion that brings chills to the listeners."

Aubrey Rike was at Parkland Memorial Hospital when JFK was brought in for emergency treatment.  He was in the Trauma Room where the President was pronounced dead and he assisted Jacqueline Kennedy in placing her wedding ring on her husband's finger.

Aubrey Rike passed away at the age of 72 on April 22, 2010.  Sherry calls him a man of integrity and "my friend."


This concludes our discussion/review of Sherry Fiester's "Enemy of the Truth," and I want to personally thank Sherry for writing the book and appreciate her taking the time to talk with me by telephone and giving me permission to summarize her work on this blog.

Sherry has received some well deserved accolades for her work which appear on the back cover of the book.  Ian Griggs says her work is "a major contribution to the research community."  As a long time student of the assassination, I humbly agree.

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