Sunday, November 10, 2013


November 10, 2013


Oakville, Ontario, Canada (JFKASSASSINATION) FYI, Forever Young Information, a Canadian based monthly newspaper, has published an article in this month's, November 2013, edition which includes quotes from my answers to questions asked of me by Don Wall, National Editor of the publication.

We are very honored by being included in this article and would like to express thanks both to Mr. Wall and to Peter Bailey, the writer.

This month's FYI is titled "JFK Revisited:  November 22, 1963," and the title of the featured article is...

"The President We Hardly Knew:  Millions of shocked mourners come to grips with the killing of a politician so many revered, but were they seduced by a myth?"

Mr. Bailey begins by writing...

"Do you remember where you were on November 22, 1963...?  If you are over 55, its probably burned into your memory."

Well, I am 65 and what Mr. Bailey refers to is something called a "flashbulb memory."  It describes an event so incredible that it remains in the human mind for the rest of your life.  

Following is the part of Peter Bailey's article which includes my quotations...

"'The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in my view, was a turning point in the rise of American prestige abroad and innocence and hope at home," John White, a retired public-school educator with 40 years' experience in teaching United States history, told FYI.

'I was 15 years old when JFK was killed, and my generation had been raised to believe were were the greatest country in the world,' said White, a graduate of the University of Tennessee and writer of two blogs, JFK ASSASSINATION and JFK+50.

'As we went to school on Friday morning, November 22, 1963, we had no idea how our country and our lives would change before we returned home in the afternoon.

It would take a few more years before we became convinced that our government was not what we had thought it was during the Kennedy years. Watergate made it clear, not only to us but to our parents, that the United States of America was not what we thought it to be.'"

Then, Mr. Bailey asks...

"What are White's thoughts on who actually killed Kennedy?

'The recent studies that argue the lone-gunman theory...simply regurgitate and expound upon the work of the Warren Commission.

'Conspiracy theory' is, in my opinion, a term that still has a certain stigma today despite the fact that 75% of the American people disagree with the lone-assassin conclusion...

If the definition of conspiracy is that two or more people were involved in the planning and/or commitment of a crime, then 75% or more of the American people...are conspiracy theorists...'"

Please check out the FYI article, as well as the complete FYI November 2013 edition, at the following link...

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