Monday, December 27, 2010


After visits to San Antonio & Houston, JFK & Jackie arrived in Ft. Worth just before midnight on November 21, 1963. They would spend the night at the Hotel Texas, a red brick building located downtown.  

Locals had provided nice furniture & paintings for the first couple's suite.

The Secret Service agents guarding the President had been on duty for sixteen hours & Clint Hill & Paul Landis, guarding the 1st Lady,worked that same schedule without a break.  Finally, after midnight they were off duty for 8 hours.
Since the day shift had not eaten all day, they took advantage of an invitation to a "free buffet" at the Dallas Press Club.  The food was all gone by the time they arrived so they feasted on peanuts, pretzels & drinks. 

The agents then went to an all-hours nightclub called "The Cellar" in hopes of getting a sandwich.

*This information is from The Kennedy Detail by Gerald Blaine (2010).

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