Sunday, April 8, 2012

WHITEWASH-the report on the Warren Report: AT THE DEPOSITORY III

April 8, 2012

WHITEWASH-the report on the Warren Report by Harold Weisberg, Chapter 5: At The Depository - The Tangible Evidence III

Knoxville, Tennessee (JFKASSASSINATION) Today this blog continues our report on Chapter 5 of Harold Weisberg's book "Whitewash--the report on the Warren Report", published in 1965. 

The title of Chapter 5 is At The Depository -- The Tangible Evidence

Harold Weisberg continues to criticize the treatment of the evidence by Dallas police.  

He writes:

"Lt. Day had earlier informed the (Warren) Commission he had marked all 3 (empty rifle) shells at the scene (but then) admitted that was incorrect."

Mr. Weisberg then explains an "additional mystery." Day was asked if he was aware that one of the shells was "flattened out."

Day's response was "No, sir."

Weisberg says that how is it possible for a deformed shell to fit in a rifle breech "needs explaining."

Harold Weisberg writes that "the rifle was almost clean of prints, as were the shells."*

*Weisberg points out that the fact that the rifle, clip & shells were found free of prints show that if they had been used by an assassin, he obviously would have had to have sufficient time after the last shot to wipe these items clean of prints.


Please check back next week to read about Mr. Weisberg's analysis of the timing of Lee Harvey Oswald moving from the southeast corner window of the Depository to the 2nd floor stairwell landing on the opposite end of the building where he was seen by police officer Marion Baker.

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