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June 13, 2013


Knoxville, Tennessee (JFKASSASSINATION) Today we continue our look at "Enemy of the Truth:  Myths, Forensics, & the Kennedy Assassination" by Sherry P. Fiester.


The book, published by JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, Inc. of Southlake, Texas,  includes a Foreward by Jim Marrs, & is available at &

Today we begin our look at Sherry Fiester's final chapter in "Enemy of the Truth" titled THE WITNESSES.

Sherry begins this chapter with a discussion of her interview with Lee Harvey Oswald's widow, Marina*.

*Marina Oswald Porter was born in Severodvinsk, USSR in 1941 and moved to Minsk in 1957 where she studied pharmacy. 

 She married Lee Harvey Oswald on April 30, 1961 and the couple moved to Dallas, Texas in Feb. 1962. 

 After the assassination and death of her husband, Marina was under secret service guard until completion of her testimony before the Warren Commission.

In 1965, Marina married Kenneth Jess Porter.  She became an American citizen and currently lives in Dallas.

The interview took place at Marina's home in Texas in 1995.

Marina said she remembered taking the famous photographs of her husband in the backyard of their apartment which shows him holding the Manlicher-Carcano rifle and the pistol used to shoot police officer Tippit.

Sherry Fiester admits...

  "(I) knew very little about the Kennedy assassination" and..."kept silent and tried to affect the look of one knowledgeable of one of the most significant events of our lifetimes..." as she listened to Marina talk.

After Marina learned that Sherry's expertise was in the field of forensics--"blood spatter interpretation and crime scene reconstruction," she asked....

"Did my husband kill the President?"

Sherry answered....

"I don't know who killed the President. But, I do know it wasn't Lee Oswald unless he was firing from the front of the President."

Sherry Fiester writes....

"She (Marina) was the first person I met that was directly associated with the Kennedy assassination.  I found her a complicated, outspoken, fascinating and intelligent woman.  I liked her immensely and still wish we could have stayed longer."

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