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June 19, 2013


Knoxville, Tennessee (JFKASSASSINATION) Today we continue our look at "Enemy of the Truth:  Myths, Forensics, & the Kennedy Assassination" by Sherry P. Fiester.


The book, published by JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, Inc. of Southlake, Texas,  includes a Foreward by Jim Marrs, & is available at &

Today we continue our look at Sherry Fiester's final chapter in "Enemy of the Truth" titled THE WITNESSES by focusing on Mr. William "Bill" Newman.

Bill and his wife, Gayle, were just 22 years old on November 22, 1963 and they were the last spectators along with their young boys standing at the curb on JFK's right as he was riding on Elm Street.

The couple were made famous by photographs of them lying on the grass covering their children after the shooting ended.

Local residents of Dallas who were watching WFAA-TV on that day had the opportunity to see a live telecast of an interview with the Newmans just 20 minutes after the assassination.

Sherry Fiester tells us she had the opportunity to talk with Bill Newman by telephone.  In the interview he said that when JFK's car came into view it was about 50 feet away and that when the 1st shot was fired, like many other witnesses, Bill thought it was a firecracker.

Just as he had told the TV audience in 1963, Bill told Sherry that he was looking directly at JFK, from a distance of about 10 feet,  when the President was hit in the head.

Bill Newman said...

"I heard the third shot and the side of his head flew off.  I remember seeing the blood in front of his face."

Sherry asked for a more specific description so Bill added...

"It was like a red mist or a cloud of blood in front of his face, and then it just disappeared."

Sherry says that Bill's specific description is exactly what we see in Frame 313 of the Zapruder film.

Sherry goes on to say that Bill Newman "is one of the most important witnesses I have met," (she met him in person on several occasions after that 1st phone conversation) and credits Bill for motivating her "to apply forensics to the assassination."


I, like Sherry, consider Bill Newman to be a key witness in the assassination of JFK.  The reasons are rather obvious.  He was, other than the occupants of the presidential car, the closest eyewitness to the fatal head shot.  He told what he saw in the television interview just 20 minutes after the assassination.  In that interview he stated simply and clearly that JFK was shot in the temple.  That observation matches up with the "cloud of blood in front of (JFK's) face" which Bill Newman saw and which we can see on the Zapruder film.  An entry wound in the right temple fired from the front of JFK, as opposed to behind, would be consistent with the evidence of an exit wound in the right rear of the skull as has been discussed in other posts on this blog.

While I am not a trained, experienced forensic expert like Sherry Fiester, nor a person trained in the law, I think I do have enough reasonable judgment to consider Bill and Gayle Newman important enough witnesses to ask for their testimony in any kind of serious investigation.  The Warren Commission, however, did not.

As in so many other areas of the JFK assassination, one can only ask the question.....WHY?

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