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Arlington, Texas (JFKASSASSINATION) It was with great sadness we learned of the passing last week of Gary Mack, curator of the Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

Mr. Mack died at the age of 68 of a "rare and aggressive cancer" here in Arlington.

Gary was born Lawrence Alan Dunkel on July 29, 1946 in Oak Park, Illinois. He earned a degree in journalism in 1969 at Arizona State University.   From 1964 to 1980, GM worked in radio, from 1981-1993 in television, and 1994-2015 at the Sixth Floor Museum.

Gary Mack became Curator of the Sixth Floor Museum in the year 2000 and served in that position until shortly before his death.  Hugh Aynesworth of the Dallas Morning News said..."I think he's done a fabulous job there at the Sixth Floor."

The Sixth Floor Museum announced...

"Gary spent the last three decades as one of the world's premier resource specialists on the subject of the assassination of President Kennedy."

Gary was a Senior in high school when JFK was assassinated and he would spend much of his life and career involved in that subject.  His views, over time, changed.  Once an avid conspiracy theorist, his view moderated into believing there was "more to the Oswald story than we know."

Rest in peace Gary Mack.


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Gary Mack
Sixth Floor Museum 

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