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Dallas, Texas (JFKASSASSINATION) The Associated Press reported this week that the granite grave marker for Lee Harvey Oswald has been returned to David Card who lives here in Dallas.

Mr. Card, who is 75 years old and settled out of court with Historic Auto Attractions* of Roscoe, Illinois, said...

"I'm very relieved and happy to have the stone back here in Texas where it belongs."

The marker, according to the AP, is believed to have been the original 140 pound gravestone.  On November 22, 1967, four years to the day after JFK's death, the marker went missing from Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth.  It was said to be taken by a group of Oklahoma teenagers as a prank.

David Card claims that the original marker made for the gravesite was stored "in the crawl space" of Marguerite Oswald's home because the alleged assassin's mother "feared it would be stolen from the cemetery."  When Mr. Card acquired the property in the 1980s, he was unaware of the presence of the marker until an electrician working in the crawl space found it.

Mr. Card then had it stored in a distant relative's home for safekeeping, but in 2009 it turned up in the Illinois museum.

The original marker bears the name OSWALD along with his birth and death dates.  The gravestone seen in the cemetery, however, is "simpler" with just the name Oswald.

Now that the Oswald marker is back in Texas, Mr. Card is considering putting it in the Sixth Floor Museum here in Big D. 

*Historic Auto Attractions is located at 13825 Metric Rd in Roscoe, IL.  It claims to have the largest collection of presidential & world leader limos as well as "one of the most extensive collections of JFK artifacts and memorabilia in the country."


The museum has on display the following vehicles associated with the JFK assassination...

1. The 1956 Cadillac Limousine, aka Queen Mary, which traveled directly behind JFK's SS100X in Dallas and contained all Secret Service agents assigned to protect the President in the motorcade including Clint Hill who made the valiant attempt to save JFK's life.

2. A replica of JFK's SS100X limo.

3. The 1962 Checker Cab that Lee Harvey Oswald took to his rooming house shortly after the assassination.

4. The 1962 Ford ambulance in which Oswald was taken to Parkland Hospital after he was shot by Jack Ruby.

To see pictures and detailed descriptions of these vehicles access the museum website via the link under sources below.


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Grave of Lee Harvey Oswald
Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Park
Fort Worth, Texas
Photo by Iconsoffright (2008)

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