Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Kemp Clark, a young neurosurgeon & the head of the Parkland emergency team, 
enters Trauma Room #1 where Dr. Charles Baxter, already working on JFK,says:Kemp, tell us how bad the head injury is because were losing him.

Dr. Clark examines JFKs head & says:
"My God, the whole right side of his head is shot off. We've got nothing to work with.
From The Kennedy Detail by Gerald Blaine:

"A small army of doctors hovered over the president, still working valiantly to keep him alive. (JFK's personal physician, Dr.) Burkley stood stoically next to Mrs. Kennedy."

"One of the doctors said: 'It's no use. His life is gone.'"

"Dr. Burkley edged between two doctors and checked the president's vital signs.  He took a deep breath, turned around, and stepped over to Mrs. Kennedy, who was looking at him with hope in her eyes.

'I'm sorry, Mrs. Kennedy.  The president is dead.'"

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