Tuesday, January 11, 2011



JFK is taken to Trauma Room #1 while John Connally is taken to Trauma Room #2.

More than a dozen doctors & nurses work on JFK.  
They are concerned with the "ABCs" of emergency medicine:  clear the airway, maintain blood pressure, &  control bleeding. 

JFK had no pulse, no blood pressure & an infrequent heartbeat. 

The Governor's condition while bad, was far better, & he was quickly taken to surgery where he would recover.

Because JFK had lost a massive amount of blood, he was immediately administered blood. 

Secret Service Agent Kellerman held a card in his hand taken from JFK's wallet.

Doctors also insert a tube in JFK's throat in order to supply oxygen. 

To accomplish this, they perform a "tracheotomy", a surgically created opening in neck leading directly to the trachea or windpipe*.

*Before this procedure was done, the doctors have already seen what they later described as a small round opening in throat.


  1. Also remember that at no time while the President was lying on the E-Room Gurney was his body rolled to check for wounds to the back. It was obvious why since he was dead from the moment he got shot in the head. The Trauma doctors were just going through the motions at that point, they knew he couldn't be saved.

  2. While it is true JFK was not turned over at Parkland, to say that he was "dead from the moment" of the head shot is inaccurate. ER doctors did not have much hope, that is true, but JFK was not pronounced DOA...time of death was recorded at 1 p.m. CST, about 30 minutes after the shooting.